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Property in Bulgaria for sale through a reliable and friendly British real estate agent. It is now even easier to buy Bulgarian real estate, especially if you are a citizen of the European Union. To find the best property in Bulgaria, use the Menu list on the left to see our apartments, houses, land and businesses for sale. Use the Property Search box on the right to search by property type and price range. Or click on the photos below to view our Featured Properties.

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As the premier British Estate Agents in Bulgaria, we can provide a wide range of services, including:

Why Bulgaria is Great for Property

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, somewhere for your retirement, a property that will give you a rental income, or a complete relocation for your family, Bulgaria has plenty to offer. Guaranteed sunshine and the low cost of living, combined with Bulgaria's beautiful countryside and miles of golden beaches, make it the natural choice for thousands of investors from Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and many other parts of the world.

Properties for sale on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Apartments for sale in the Ski and Golf Resorts

The ski resorts of Bulgaria have been a familiar destination for British holidaymakers for many years. Huge amounts of investment have extended and improved the sports and leisure facilities in these beautiful locations. Winter sports in this wonderful country now attract people from all over Europe. And mountain resorts are not just for the winter - there are plenty of activities in the summer too.

Bulgaria has an excellent climate for golf holidays. The summers are long and hot, and in the coastal and mountain areas there are cool breezes that keep you comfortable even in the midday sun. Many of the golf courses have magnificent views of the sea or the mountains. The prices are low compared to most other European golf resorts but the facilities are excellent.

Find out more about Bulgaria's skiing and golfing in Bulgaria:

Houses and Villas for Sale in Rural Bulgaria

Now that EU funding has provided fast new roads, the rural towns and villages are also becoming popular. There are many cheap houses for sale just a few kilometres inland. These properties are often available at bargain prices. We have family-sized houses which are only 30 minutes drive from the beaches, yet they are for sale at the same price as a small seaside apartment. Rural Bulgarian properties are an excellent choice for buyers with a small budget, or for people who want to live in the quiet and beauty of the countryside.

We have houses and villas for sale in many villages and small rural towns:

Plots of Land for Sale in Bulgaria

Thinking of building your own home? Perhaps you want to build an apartment complex or a number of houses? Or maybe you just want to own some land as an investment. We can help you to choose the best location for both regulated building plots and agricultural land. We can help you to obtain any permissions or licences that you need for construction and we can recommend reliable professionals who can design and build a property for you.

Further information

Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach (or Slunchev Bryag as it is known locally) is one of the two largest resorts on the Black Sea Coast. It is a very lively resort full of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Chinese, Indian, Bulgarian and international restaurants can all be found here, along with McDonald's.
Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria, is brought to you with more than 7000 years of history. Gaze in admiration at the quaint houses, stacked one above the other on the hillside, and which demonstrate a remarkable and unique architectural style. Wander across the magnificent
The Black Sea Coast
The Bulgarian coast (otherwise known as the Bulgarian Riviera) is washed by the calm waters of the Black Sea. There are 380 kilometres of marvellous beaches. The sea is calm and safe, with clear water. Here you will find healthy, clean air, fine golden sand and natural dunes, mineral
The mountains of Bulgaria
Bulgaria offers both rugged snow‑capped mountains and gentle, rolling hills covered with lush forests. Sparkling rivers tumble down the mountain sides to form picturesque lakes and health‑giving mineral springs. The mountains of Bulgaria are home to a huge variety of plants and animals,
The cost of living in Bulgaria
One of the main reasons why people buy property in Bulgaria is the cost of living. Bulgaria offers low prices, good health care facilities and a mild climate. These facts make Bulgaria an ideal place for retirement. But not only retirees move to Bulgaria. A large number of younger
Golf In Bulgaria
Bulgaria's climate is an essential factor in attracting golf tourism to the country. Often, Mediterranean golf destinations become too hot during the summer, making it a less than pleasant experience. Similarly, there are courses in parts of Spain and Cyprus which can become very
Skiing In Bulgaria
Bulgaria is blessed with magnificent mountain scenery and an excellent climate for both summer and winter tourism. In the winter, the mountains are covered with deep, crisp snow which is ideal for skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding. The three most famous ski resorts in Bulgaria
Travelling to Bulgaria
We are happy to help you choose and book your flights between the UK and Bulgaria. Below is a list of airlines that offer scheduled flights from the UK to Bulgaria. During the summer months, you can also buy \"flight only\" deals from holiday companies such as Thomsons and Balkan Holidays.
Viewing Trips
Some people are happy to buy properties in Bulgaria without visiting them. However, most people who intend to buy a property in Bulgaria (or any other country) want to view the property and the area around it. We always recommend that you view a property before you buy it.

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